Chef Uniform Functions and How to Customize it With Embroidery

Chef Uniform Functions and How to Customize it With Embroidery

There’s more to a chef uniform than just a garment that’s required for chefs to wear at work. Each article in the chef uniform has a vital role in protecting you from the dangers that lurk in the four corners of the kitchen. Typically, chef uniforms include the jacket, pants, hat, neckerchief, apron, non-slip shoes, and a hand towel. Even if your boss does not require you to wear those things, you still need them for protection. And since you are likely to work with others who wear similar things, Las Vegas embroideryis a great way to personalize your own uniform. Let’s see how useful each of these things are and how you can add your embroidered name or logo into them.

Chef Jacket: Protects You From Spills and Burns

The jacket is the main element of a chef uniform. It protects you from the most common kitchen accidents: spills, splatters, and burns. Vegas embroidery is commonly done above the left breast pocket.

Chef Hat: Keeps Hair and Sweat at Bay

The chef hat I also called toque blanch. They are worn to keep stray hair and sweat from the food being prepared. The chef hat can carry the company logo or name of the chef on the front or the back.

Chef Pants: Provides Comfort and Utility

Chef pants are usually baggy and with elastic bands to provide enough wiggle room since it is important for a chef to be comfortable and be able to move around easily. Commonly, they have deep pockets that carry essential tools. It can be personalized with Vegas embroidery placed on the back pocket or the front pocket.

Chef Apron: Gives Safety and Sanitation

The chef apron is another essential. It serves as an additional barrier from spills and splashes. They are not used for wiping hands, there are towels for such purpose. In fact, they are worn to keep stains from the chef jacket. It is relatively easier to take off and replace – the chef won’t need a full change of clothes. It can be personalized with the company logo or chef’s name through embroidery in Vegas.

Chef Shoes: Prevents Accidents

Sandals and open shoes won’t provide ample protection in the kitchen. This is why non-slip chef shoes is a must. It keeps you safe from falling knives and other hard, sharp, or pointed objects. Customized name or logo can be attached on the side or the upper part of the shoes.

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