How The Company Logo Affects Your Las Vegas Business

How The Company Logo Affects Your Las Vegas Business

When it comes to marketing, the company’s logo plays a big part in establishing a brand’s or a company’s identity. Considering that logos are plastered everywhere, it is the first thing the public sees of the company; catching attention and making a good first impression is important. Logo design has a great impact on any business for this could determine whether it will rise in popularity or just blend in with the others. In marketing, there is a recipe for success and making a unique, creative, and well thought out logo is one of them. Here are 3 ways that the logo affects a business.

What To Do

So what makes a good logo? There is no specific design or color or template to follow when it comes to logo making but businesses must keep in mind one of the most important qualities of a good logo and that is simplicity. According to Creative Overflow, a good logo should be easily recognized and must have clear imagery. Another thing to consider is versatility since the logo will be plastered everywhere from billboards to company uniforms and embroidery to print advertisements. The logo should also be relevant to the industry. Let the logo speak for the company, let it be memorable and understandable and timeless.

What Not To Do

Logos have the power to push a brand to its full potential but it also has the ability to give it a bad reputation. Logos are powerful so in order to stay on the positive end of the bargains, make sure to avoid making the common marketing mistakes out there.  One of these mistakes is using too much color. When it comes to logo design the color palette should be limited to 3 to four colors. Anything more will create a logo that is not too pleasing for the eyes. Another element to keep at a minimum are the typefaces. When it comes to typefaces, one is great, two is the ceiling limit. Using too much can create an unprofessional image and an inconsistent feel.

Get Creative

It takes more than just following what to do and what not to do. Creativity plays a big role in marketing. In logo design, make sure not to scrimp on the creative process. Do not fall into certain trends like oversimplification. Let the logo speak for the company. Use the different elements like negative space and text in creative and distinct ways. If a logo is good, it will look good in any medium whether it is produced by a printer, a television screen, or embroidery services in Las Vegas.

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