Little League Uniform Rules and Customizing with Embroidery

Little League Uniform Rules and Customizing with Embroidery

In the classic little league baseball film “The Bad News Bears” Chico’s Bail Bonds sponsored the team uniform. That’s why the coach chose white and yellow jerseys. In real life, Little League uniforms are chosen more mindfully. They are planned out with unity and safety in mind. Embroidery in Las Vegas is needed to customize and personalize these uniforms.

Little League Uniform Rules

According to the Little League Rule Book, every team member is required to wear a traditional uniform: shirt, pants, stockings, and cap. During regular seasons, umpires could be lenient in terms of uniformity. In postseason plays, however, the umpire can disqualify those who wear uniforms different from the rest of the team.

Safety Gear

Safety Gear

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is the official authority when it comes to the approval of Little League safety gear. Helmets and athletic supporters are a requirement. The team can bring their own helmets as long as they are approved by NOCSAE.

Catcher’s Gear

All equipment used by catchers also need to be certified by NOCSAE. This includes a throat guard, chest and knee protectors and helmets. Chest protectors should protect the player’s lower neck down to the abdomen. The chest protector can be embroidered with the team logo or the player’s name and number.

Little League Footwear

Metal cleats are prohibited in the Little League. Any non-metal athletic shoes is accepted, but the league suggests rubber cleats. Metal spikes are only allowed once the game is played in a field as large as 46-60 foot mound and 60-90 foot base paths.

They also have rules concerning the Little League patch, but you are free to customize your uniforms with Las Vegas embroidery.

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