How to Look Great in Your Vegas Nursing Scrubs

How to Look Great in Your Vegas Nursing Scrubs

Tired of going to work with the same old, boring scrubs? Nurses and other medical practitioners are often considered as the least fashionable workforce. Because of the fast-paced nature their jobs, they give so little thought to style and concentrate more on functionality. They don’t mind wearing unflattering scrubs as long as they can move swiftly in them. A fashionable nursing uniform may not seem necessary but it can greatly affect a person’s performance at work. For instance, when you feel good in your scrubs, you can do your job with more confidence. So how can you spice up your scrubs Vegas and look great in them? Here are some tips from Nurses Labs.

Choose a Flattering Cut

If you are top heavy and have narrow hips, choose scrubs with open collar or V-shaped necklines. This creates an illusion of narrower upper body. Those who are heavy at the bottom should avoid wide pants and wear long scrubs that touch the hips to cover up flaws. Slim women would look good in scrubs with ruffled or smocked top.

Choose the Right Fit

Sometimes it is hard to find scrubs that fit perfectly. Some are too wide while some are too tight. So make sure you buy from a store that offers a wide selection of scrubs. You might choose stylish scrubs, but if it does not fit well, you won’t be comfortable and confident wearing. If you don’t find anything that fits well, find a store that has tailoring services for repairs and adjustments.

Choose a Suitable Color

The color of your scrubs must complement your skin tone. One trick is to hold the color close to your face. It is the right color if it warms your skin tone. If it makes you look face look pale or tired, it’s not the best choice. It is a good idea to bring your closest friends who can give their honest opinion.

Personalize with Las Vegas Embroidery

Add a dash of personality to your scrubs by adding embroidery Las Vegas on one side of the breast pockets. There are many ways you can personalize your scrub. Just make sure that it is within your institution’s rules and regulations. Always check with your employer first.

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