Understanding The Psychology Of Colors For Custom T-Shirt (Las Vegas)

Understanding The Psychology Of Colors For Custom T-Shirt (Las Vegas)

Custom t-shirt (Las Vegas) with your logo is a simple yet effective marketing tool used by even the most successful businesses in the world.  They may seem like a common medium – too common that some entrepreneurs design their t-shirt logos without giving them much thought.  A smart business owner won’t make that mistake because he understands that even the choice of colors can create a huge impact.  Don’t believe us?  Here are just a few colors for custom shirts in Las Vegas and how they affect your potential customers.

Yellow: Optimism

Businesses that use yellow want to evoke feelings of optimism, clarity, and warmth.  Being a bright color, it also makes a logo stand out easily.  Perhaps the most famous brand that uses this color is McDonald’s.  They use yellow to make their logo kid-friendly and fun.  However, the color can also be used for other purposes.  In the construction industry, it signifies caution.  This is why CAT’s logo has this color.

Orange: Confidence

Orange is a color that wouldn’t let you pass by without having a look, even just a quick one.  It definitely stands out and tells your audience that you are not afraid to stand out.  The color also exudes creativity and youthful.  Orange is Hooters’ trademark color, and see how their business identity stands out in the market.  Harley Davidson also uses the color as a key element in their logo.  They pair it with black in order to make their logo more attractive.

Red: Energy

Red is a powerful color that symbolizes warmth, excitement, and urgency.  And Science backs this up by proving that the color actually raises people’s pulse rates.  This strong color works great in the entertainment industry.  Have a look at Nintendo’s logo.  It was designed only with a simple font, no imagery, and a lot of red.  What makes it stand out?  The color.  Netflix, too, is one of the brands that effectively uses the color on their logo.

Blue: Dependability

Blue is a color for companies who take pride in being professional and reliable.  It conveys the feeling of strength and dependability.  This is why top technology brands such as Dell, IBM and Intel all use blue as they create products that people around the world rely on every single day.  A lot of appliance and machinery brands also take advantage of blue’s effect on consumers.  Both General Electronics’ (GE) and Ford’s logo are dominantly blue.


Establish Your Brand With Custom T-Shirt (Las Vegas)

When done right, custom shirts in Las Vegas can effectively promote your brand.  At Las Vegas Embroidery, we have a team of graphic designers who can help you come up with a logo that will make your business stand out.  We also take pride in our quick turn-around time.  Unlike other embroiderers, we will not send your order outside the city.  We embroider custom shirts (Las Vegas) right in our store located at 953 East Sahara Avenue.  Drop by to see our finished products or if you have inquiries, call us at (702) 740-7070.

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